Domestic Terms & Conditions



  1. Quotations are valid for 30 Days from the date given.
  2. Payment

2.1. A deposit of 75% of the total contract price or material costs will be required at the time of placing your order. No orders can be made until payment is made nor can fitting dates be reserved.

2.2. The company requires payment upon satisfactory completion of the work. You will receive an invoice from the company confirming payment.

2.3. Cheques are to be made payable to LPH flooring ltd, BACS payments can be made to: Account Number: 83421546 – Sort Code: 20-46-76

  1. Cancellation and Agreement Changes

3.1. Any changes to the contract must be agreed upon by both parties and confirmed in writing. Should you wish to cancel your contract, after your order has been accepted, please be aware of the company may charge reasonable charges for any costs incurred as a direct result of you cancellation.

3.2. In addition to term 3.1 above, this does not affect your right to cancel under Consumer Contracts (Additional Charges, Information and Cancellation) Regulations Act 2013, should your agreement be made off trade premises or away for the face to face negotiations with us i.e. telephone calls and emails.

3.3. Please be aware that reasonable charges may be imposed by us if you cancel an order for specific items i.e. those which are not stocked as a general item by us and are ordered at your direct request or bespoke, made to measure items. Please note we do not stock any materials other than some accessories.

3.4. Please be advised that should you cancel installation with 24 hours you will be required to cover fitter’s costs at a charge of £75.00.

3.5. Where installation is delayed by you, written notice will be sent to you after 30 days has lapsed. Full payment of any outstanding balances may be required. In addition the company reverses the right to charge a reasonable amount for storage in the event you fail to collect items or confirm a date for delivery and/or installation.

  1. Payment of balance of account should be given to fitters upon completion of works.
  2. At all times the company carries out work with reasonable care and skill and expertise however, our work may bring us into contact with existing pipe work, fittings, controls components or wiring. We cannot be held liable for damage caused in these circumstances, unless it can be proven the damage has been caused as a direct result of our negligence. We will or course take a reasonable approach to resolving any issues.
  3. Goods and services remain the property of LPH flooring ltd until paid for in full.
  4. All areas must be completely empty of furniture and existing flooring removed unless a separate charge has been agreed and included in the quotation price.
  1. Doors will be not be eased unless a separate charge has been agreed and included in the quotation price.
  1. Matching widths: We draw you attention to the difficulty of producing an exact match shade pattern or repeats with different width of the carpet and smooth flooring of any quality which are required to be laid together. As it is not possible for us to give, or obtain from the manufacturers, a guarantee of perfect matching, we regret that orders are accepted on the understanding that the nearest obtainable match is provided. Naturally every effort will be made to supply as satisfactory a match as possible
  1. Extract for British Standard 3655 of 1963. Statement of dimensions. Carpets sold as piece goods (e.g. body and broadloom). The length and width of the carpet shall be stated in the British Linear Units, each dimension being subject to a tolerance of 1⁄2 inch of a yard. Per yard or per part. Additionally, but not alternatively the dimensions may be stated in the metric units.
  2. Please remove any personal possessions and items for the working areas. We cannot be held accountable for items which should have obviously been cleared before work starts. Where possible we will inform you of the need to remove objects however, the responsibility rests with you to
  3. protect your property. In the cases where damages have arisen as a direct result of our negligence, we will work with you to resolve the issue.
  4. Shading: All carpets, regardless of yarn content or quality type may develop light and dark patches caused by uneven crushing of pile in wear. This is called “Shading”. We endeavour to investigate any complaints, however please be aware that in the majority of cases, shading cannot be prevented. For more information please refer to the Contact and Flooring Association website at
  5. We regret we are unable to take away any rubbish from your property i.e. packaging such as plastic and cardboard and/or surplus and waste materials. We will however bag all the items and leave in neatly in an area advised by you.

Customer Charter

It is our intention as a business to provide an excellent service for an honest price. We will endeavour to ensure we meet your expectations at all times however there may be an occasion where you are not happy with an element of the service we have provided you with. If this is the case, please contact the company and ask to speak with someone who will try and work with you to rectify any problems where possible. We aim to respond to all complaints within 2 days. Once we have investigated your complaint thoroughly and if we agree the issue is as a direct result of ours, we will advise you of what action we will take which is appropriate in the circumstances. We aim to complete any action required within 28 days. Should you still not be satisfied with the resolution or if you are still unhappy with our service, we would invite you to contact the Ombudsman Service who would be able to conciliate between us to find a satisfactory conclusion.

Insurance and Certificates

The company has public liability insurance up to £2 million. Should you require details of this policy please ask and we will gladly provide you with a copy.

Our carpet fitters are sub-contracted by us however we guarantee the quality of their workmanship and their standards of expertise and skill. Each fitter has their own public liability insurance cover. Please ask should you require a copy of their insurance certificate.

I ____________________________________________ can confirm that I have read and am happy with the conditions outlined in Lph Flooring ltd conditions of sale. I am happy with Estimate number _________________ and have agreed to pay the deposit requested. Any outstanding money will be paid to the fitters on the day of completion or via online banking or over the phone (details of which have been supplied on my Invoice).

Date________________________________ Signed ______________________________________________